DNA is fascinating because every one of us is unique, with distinctive characteristics, and so much of this is determined by our DNA. As our bodies grow, it’s our DNA that is replicated into each new cell, and this determines how all the cells in our bodies will harmoniously function together.

In many ways every church also has a ‘DNA’ of distinctive characteristics that Jesus has formed us with. And as our church grows, it’s this ‘DNA’ that we want to see replicated into new members so that we function together harmoniously as Jesus’ body.


We are a community that has come into existence through the love of God in Jesus Christ and we see God’s love expressed among us in these five key characteristics:


    We believe he’s the centre of all of life: the Son of God, the Lord and Saviour of the world! He’s the reason to live, and without him it’s impossible to intimately know God as he truly is: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe the Bible and its testimony about him, and we deeply sense his joyful call on us to make him known in Albany and the world.


    We believe following Jesus is something that we do together. We love sharing life with one another. For this reason LifeGroups are the heart of our church because in these small groups we find acceptance and belonging as we learn to live in the love of Jesus. We learn to give and receive care in times of need, we learn to pray, to serve, and we learn generosity as we grow in humility, forgiveness and grace. God’s love is experienced in the love of his people in community.

3. MINISTRY of all

    We believe Jesus has gifted each of us for building one another up. We need each other! And although we all have different gifts and different areas of responsibility, we are all equally valuable for our health and growth as a body. Serving one another and together serving our city, is our great joy and privilege.


    We believe one of the most wonderful experiences of our life in Jesus is that God hears and answers us when we pray. As such, prayer is a ‘generative’ conversation with God in that as we pray, our faith is strengthened, our hearts encouraged and our lives shaped by his loving goodness. Whether we are praying privately or in prayer groups, in healing ministry groups, contemplatively or corporately on Sundays, prayer remains our foundational life giving experience in Jesus.

5. JOY

    God’s Spirit is at work in us and he brings us joy! This joy lives in us because Jesus laid down his life for us and was resurrected for our reconciliation with God. Being loved by God makes our joy complete and binds us together across all ages: from our precious children to our enthusiastic seniors. In everyday life and when we gather on Sundays we love to celebrate and rejoice in what Jesus has done for us.


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