What is Pressing IN?
Pressing IN is an informal time of prayer, praise and worship, including confession, meditation on scripture, music and praise, corporate, group and personal prayer.

How is Pressing IN different from other prayer meetings?
We are intentional in our need for God’s Spirit to be present and lead us. We are conscious of listening to God as much as speaking to him and seeking after him and his will for us personally and as a church. We want to be transformed by God’s love for us in Jesus. The name, 'Pressing IN', is an attempt to capture the heart of what we are doing; Pressing into God, and growing in our vulnerability with him, our dependence on him, our trust in his goodness and love, and our obedience to his will in our lives personally and as a church.

The evening is quite free flowing, sometimes we find our times of confession taking more of our attention, other times its singing praise, other times its scripture and others its personal prayer needs where we’ll often have an opportunity for people to be prayed for and have hands laid on them, sometimes anointed for healing.

What do people take away from these evenings?
We have found these evenings to be very special intimate times with God and one another and a
source of great comfort and encouragement in our lives.

When does Pressing IN happen?
Pressing In takes place about 4 to 6 times a year at Living Water, usually on a week day evening.