The vision of the LWAC Internship Programme is to provide an opportunity for disciples of Jesus to grow in knowledge and experience in Christian ministry by participating in academic training as well as local church based ministry with the aim of maturing in knowing, loving and serving God and others.

Whether you're 18 or 88, we encourage every member young and old to consider whether the Internship might be just what they need to either refresh their faith or test a calling to ministry.

The academic component of the internship takes place at the Great Southrern Training Hub and the practical ministry component takes place within the life of Living Water.

The Study units include:

  1. God's Big Story - Bible Overview
  2. Introduction to Pastoral Care
  3. Engaging with Scripture - using the Bible
  4. Discipleship - Gospel of Mark
  5. Telling God's story - giving talks, leading studies
  6. Knowing God - Doctrine 
  7. Christian Ethics 
  8. Working with Diversity in Healthy Teams.

To find out more see the links below and also speak to our Internship Coordinator Brett Cameron

Internship applications close each year on 31 December, and the programme runs from Feb to November.

If you are interested in internship at LWAC, please express your interest by contact our office on .